Allison Harvard

Should Allison have won All-Stars?

Toccara Jones

Toccara: Cycle 3

Jaclyn 2

Jaclyn: Cycle 16

Kayla Ferrel

Kayla: Cycle 15 & 17

Dominique Reighard

Dominique: Cycle 10 & 17

Well, after all those years we waited for Tyra to bring back the biggest America's Next Top Model personalities for a second shot at the title, it seemed that Tyra became out personal genie and granted out wish by creating the All-Stars Cycle. We spent 13 weeks watching in anticipation of who would take the crown. Would self-admitted ghetto girl Angelea be third time lucky? Or would it be the quirky, but beautiful and big-eyed Allison? No. It was the crazy ex-alcoholic Lisa who just can't keep her feet on the ground. I know I was surprised and so were many other America's Next Top Model fans (and judging by her face when she was announced as the winner, so was Lisa). But did Lisa deserve it? I say yes. But did anyone actually think it would be Lisa? No. To be perfectly blunt, it seems like a waste of 13 weeks. The majority were clearly rooting for Angelea (who was disqualified for reasons that are still unclear, although the rumour mill is continuing to turn) or for the lovely Allison (whos fan base is possibly the biggest of any contestant ever). Instead, Tyra chose to give Lisa the title - something which she may come to regret. According to a survey carried out by the Wetpaint Entertainment website, over 50% of those voted that they would no longer watch the show after the results of All-Stars were made clear. So, Tyra, I say this to you - watch out for Allison's fans. They will soon be after you with their torches ablaze and shaking their pitchforks. My own personal view of the new cycle - USA vs. UK (awful idea in my opinion, despite my love for BNTM's Alisha who is set to return) - I don't know if I will watch it. When I go through and review all of the cycles; Tyra has made some decisions that has almost made me vow to never watch her say "Congrationlations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model" ever again. I'll recap those eliminations that have made me shout at the television set...
  • Cycle 3: Toccara
  • Cycle 5: Kyle
  • Cycle 5: Nik
  • Cycle 6: Mollie-Sue
  • Cycle 7: A.J.
  • Cycle 9: Heather
  • Cycle 9: Chantal
  • Cycle 10: Katarzyna
  • Cycle 10: Anya
  • Cycle 11: Sheena
  • Cycle 11: Analeigh
  • Cycle 12: Fo
  • Cycle 12: Allison (I actually cried for her)
  • Cycle 13: Brittany
  • Cycle 14: Jessica
  • Cycle 14: Raina
  • Cycle 15: Kayla
  • Cycle 15: Jane
  • Cycle 16: Sara
  • Cycle 16: Jaclyn
  • All-Stars: Brittany
  • All-Stars: Sheena
  • All-Stars: Isis
  • All-Stars: Bre
  • All-Stars: Kayla
  • All-Stars: Dominique
  • All-Stars: Laura
  • All-Stars: Allison

It's quite a long list of offences, Ms Banks. There are over 20 - is that forgivable? To me All-Stars seemed to fall a little flat - all that hype and excitement about it, and then it seems we were all let down.

So will I watch it? The answer is no. For now at least. What about you? Will you watch Cycle 18?

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