There are many articles I hope to create in the future for this wikia. With help from any other contributors who read this, I would ideally like us all to have created a page for every America's Next Top Model contestant by Summer 2012. I hate it when I can't remember what place a certain contestant came or what a contestant looks like or what cycle they were on, so hopefully creating all these pages will stop anyone from being frustrated. These are the pages I plan to create this month:

  • Dominique Reighard
  • Mikaela Schipani
  • Dalya Morrow
  • Sundai Love
  • Rae Weisz
  • Nicole Lucas
  • Ondrei Edwards
  • Isabella Falk
  • Alexandra Underwood
  • Kendal Brown
  • Liz Williams
  • Chris White
  • Terra White
  • Anamaria Mirdita

Thanks for reading, and if you can help or if your create any of these pages, thank you so much! x

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