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  • I was born on July 12
  • I am nothing (John 15:5)
  • Bio Bureaucrat/Admin of Survivor Wiki. Avid Survivor/Avatar: The Last Airbender fan. Torn between the kitchen and the gym.
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    Fan Fiction

    November 6, 2011 by IAmNothing712

    Call-Out Episode
    1 Episode
    2 Episode
    3 Episode
    4 Episode
    5 Episode
    6 Episode
    7 Episode
    8 Episode
    9 Episode
    10 Episode
    11 Episode
    1 Jasmine Eliza Madison June Stephanie Linda Linda Melissa June Kelsey Madison Madison
    2 Kelsey June June Kelsey Madison Kelsey Madison June Madison June June June
    3 Melissa Monica Stephanie Erica Rochelle Madison Kelsey Kelsey Linda Madison Kelsey

    4 Madison Madison Linda Linda Eliza June Rochelle Madison Kelsey Linda

    5 June Kelsey Melissa Rochelle Melissa Stephanie June Linda Melissa

    6 Stephanie Linda Jasmine Eliza Linda Rochelle Melissa Rochelle

    7 Erica Melissa Eliza Melissa June Melissa Stephanie

    8 Rochelle Stephanie Erica Madison Kelsey Eliza

    9 Eliza Rochelle Rochelle Stephanie Erica

    10 Valerie Valerie Kelsey Jasmine

    11 Linda Er…

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