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 The Guy or Girl Who Came Back
Cycle 22, Episode 9
Cycle 22 Promo Poster
Air Date: October 2, 2015
Viewers: 1.07 million
Recaps: Search Google
The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up
The Girl Who Became Bootyful

"The Guy or Girl Who Came Back" is the nineth episode of Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model. It first aired on October 2, 2015.


The models are paired up with eliminated contestants and sent to agencies; an eliminated contestant gets back in the game.[1]


The models went on go-sees in pairs that consisted of one of the top seven, alongside one of the previously eliminated contestants. The person who booked the most would be the winner.
Winner: Hadassah


Theme: Look-alike editorial with dogs
Featured Photographer: Yu Tsai

Call-Out Order

  1. Nyle DiMarco (Best Photo)
  2. Hadassah Richardson
  3. Lacey Rogers
  4. Mamé Adjei
  5. Mikey Heverly
  6. Devin Clark

Eliminated: Justin Kim (8th)
Comeback: Dustin McNeer


ContestantChallengeJudgesTotal Score
Nyle 9 30.0 39.0
Hadassah 9 27.6 36.6
Lacey 8 28.4 36.4
Mamé 8 24.9 32.9
Mikey 9 23.4 32.4
Devin 7 24.3 31.3
Justin 8 21.9 29.9
ContestantChallengeJudgesTotal Score
Dustin 8 27.1 35.1
Stefano 8 27.0 35.0
Ava 7 27.0 34.0
Courtney 6 26.5 32.5
Bello 6 24.6 30.6
Delanie 8 22.5 30.5
Ashley 7 20.1 27.1

Other Information

  • Mamé should have been the challenge winner, as she was the only person to book all four go-sees. However, as she was late back to the office, she was ultimately disqualified and Hadassah won the challenge instead.


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