The Girls Get Really Naked is the 7th epiosde of cycle 1 it originally aired on July 1, 2003.


This week, the remaining four girls have their pictures taken by Tyra in an impromptu black and white photo shoot. Then, they travel to the House of Carven, the oldest couture house in Paris. They learn how to embody couture gowns with an alluring attitude.

Back in the house, the girls receive Tyra mail saying that they will have some free time in the following day. When Adrianne says she wants to visit Jim Morrison’s grave, it ignites a conflict among them, specifically with Robin who wants to go shopping.

For the week’s challenge, the girls go to Fonquet’s Restaurant and meet four gentlemen, who will be judging them in their ability to carry themselves in a couture situation. Adrianne’s shining personality charms the gentlemen and she is chosen as the winner. She picks Elyse to join in her reward which is a one night stay at the Presidential Suite in Le Méridien Hotel.

The next day, the girls arrive at Buddha Bar where they have to exaggerate their body in a nude photo shoot for Merit Diamond Jewelry. However, this does not go well with Robin and Shannon as it is against their belief, in which they decide not to participate.

The girls return to New York and share the Milan Room. At panel, Robin is accused for shaking her breast at Jay Manuel, Elyse is called first for her versatility and followed by Adrianne who takes a stellar photograph. Robin’s decision not to participate in the nude photo shoot disappoints the judges while Shannon is criticized for her inability to follow advice, although she as well does not take part in the nude photo shoot. In the end, Shannon’s outgoing personality saves her and Robin is sent home.


  • Featured photographer: Patrick Katzman
  • Special guests: Pascal Millet, Derek Khan, Jay Manuel
  • Guest Judge: Derek Kahn
  • Challenge winner: Adrianne, who picked Elyse for a night in a fancy hotel suite
  • Bottom two: Robin Manning & Shannon Stewart
  • Eliminated: Robin Manning
  • Title reference: Adrianne Curry and Elyse Sewell who bared it all for the photoshoot.


  • This is the first time a contestant refuses to take part in a photoshoot.
  • For some reason the black and white pictures weren't judged by the panel.
  • Shannon Stewart is the first girl to survive two bottom two appearances.
  • This one of few occurances where the photoshoot and the judging don't take place in the same town.