Original Airdate: May 27, 2003

Tension erupts in the loft between the devout Christians - Robin and Shannon - and several other contestants, especially concerning Elyse's atheism and Ebony's homosexuality. This episode also contains a memorable confessional from Elyse wherein she vents her anger on the remaining contestants, especially Robin, who had earlier made a point of showing Elyse a Bible verse insulting her atheism. Giselle won the reward for doing the best on the runway, which was meeting Wyclef Jean. The second photo shoot is another bikini shoot, but this time for Stuff magazine. Kesse and Katie were in the bottom 2. Kesse was in there because she broke down in tears after hearing her critique and Katie is eliminated at panel as the judges felt that she was overly sexual in her photos, which limited her appeal as a model.

  • Guest Judge: J. Alexander
  • Featured photographer: Barry Hollywood
  • Special Guest: Wyclef Jean
  • Challenge winner: Giselle, picked Adrianne Curry, Katie and Nicole
  • Bottom two: Katie Cleary & Kesse Wallace
  • Eliminated: Katie Cleary


  • This is the first appearance of J. Alexander. He will join the main judging panel in Cycle 5.
  • This episode sets the trend of having a reward challenge.
  • If you watch closely, you can see that Elyse has her coat on/off at panel, meaning whe was called after Shannon but before Giselle but it was edited.