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 The Girl Who Walks Away
Cycle 22, Episode 2
Cycle 22 Promo Poster
Air Date: August 12, 2015
Viewers: 1.21 million
Recaps: Search Google
The Guys and Girls Make It to Hollywood
The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out

"The Girl Who Walks Away" is the second episode of Cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model. It first aired on August 12, 2015.


The models are surprised to learn that TV hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott designed the house they will be living in during the competition; a model breaks down; the models participate in a semi-nude photo shoot ― with an audience.[1]


Theme: Semi-nude with hashtags (Casting)
Featured Photographers: Massimo Campana and Erik Asla

Casting Results

Top 14: Ashley Molina, Ava Capra, Bello Sanchez, Courtney DuPerow, Delanie Dischert, Devin Clark, Dustin McNeer, Hadassah RichardsonJustin Kim, Lacey Rogers, Mamé Adjei, Mikey Heverly, Nyle DiMarco and Stefano Churchill
Eliminated: Alexa Sandberg (quit), Amberleigh, Bryant Wood, Dallas, Gage, Larissa, Maleessa and Miguel

Other Information

  • This is the second and final round of casting for Cycle 22.


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