The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is Killing Herself is the 5th episode of Cycle 1. It originally aired on June 17, 2003


The girls are taught how to answer interview questions in this episode, and they have one-on-ones with a coach. While Elyse is being interviewed, the other girls gossip about her weight and talk about incidents which they believe prove that she does indeed have an eating disorder. For this week's challenge, the contestants try to impress a tough interviewer, and Elyse's candid and outspoken remarks win her the opportunity to invite one of her loved ones to New York for a brief visit. She is also told that she may choose one of her fellow contestant to share in her prize, and selects Adrianne, who breaks down into tears, stating that her mother has never been to New York and that her family has never had enough money to travel. In that week's photo shoot, to which Elyse's boyfriend Martin Crandall and Adrianne's mother show up, each model was pictured in Reebok shoes with NFL Rookie of the Year Clinton Portis. At panel, Elyse is criticized for being too thin and being a know-it-all, and Giselle is sent home at panel because she is not able to overcome her self-confidence issues, despite her modeling talent and phenomenal photo for this week.


  • Guest Judge: Steve Santagati
  • Featured photographer: Daniel Garriga
  • Special Guests: Jay Manuel, Cindy Berger, Jon Silverman, Clinton Portis, Christine Curry, Marty (Elyse's boyfriend), Derek Kahn
  • Challenge Winner: Elyse Sewell picked Adrianne Curry
  • Bottom two: Elyse Sewell & Giselle Samson
  • Eliminated: Giselle Samson
  • Title Reference: Elyse, whom everyone thinks is anorexic

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