The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert is the 6th episode of Cycle 1. It originally aired on June 24, 2003


The five remaining contestants - Kesse, Robin, Elyse, Shannon, and Adrianne - are told that they will be flying to the fashion capital of the world, Paris for the remainder of the competition. Here, they have a lingerie shoot for Wonder Bra with a gorgeous male model (Brad Pinkert from Buffalo, NY), and each girl is given the opportunity to go on several "go-sees" to impress Parisian designers. Adrianne is fazed after an unwanted encounter with a Parisian man who tried to reach up her skirt while asking him for a directions and has difficulty collecting herself. At panel in an emotional elimination, Kesse and Adrianne find themselves in the bottom two for not attending all of their "go-sees", and Kesse is cut for not demonstrating enough desire to continue in the competition.


  • Guest Judge: Marilyn Gauthier
  • Featured photographer: Michel Haddi
  • Special Guest: Pink, Brad Pinkert, Jay Manuel, Emma Mackie
  • Bottom two: Adrianne Curry & Kesse Wallace
  • Eliminated: Kesse Wallace
  • Title reference: Adrianne who encounters a man who, tries to slip his hand up her skirt


  • This episode is the only one (excluding semi-finals, first week and finales) where there was no challenge, as the go-see were at the time, not thought of as such.
  • This makes Paris the second town to welcome ANTM and sets the trend of having inetrantional destination each cycle.
  • Kesse's elimination is the first one to bring TYra to tears.