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 The Final Countdown
Cycle 23, Episode 14
2314 Final 3
Air Date: March 8, 2017
Recaps: Search Google
Brand Like a Boss
Cycle 24

"The Final Countdown" is the fourteenth and final episode of Cycle 23 of America's Next Top Model. It is scheduled to air on March 8, 2017.


The finalists must complete a Paper Magazine photo-shoot spread; the eliminated contestants return to the runway one final time before one of the final three is crowned America's Next Top Model.[1]


Theme: Paper Magazine editorial
Featured Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford

Call-Out Order

  1. India Gants (Winner)
  2. Tatiana Price (Runner-up)
  3. Cory Anne Roberts (3rd)

Other Information

  • Tyra Banks made a guest appearance at deliberation


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