Sandra Nyanchoka

Sandra Nyanchoka is an African fashion model, who is based in America. She placed 9th on Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model.

Cycle 12

Sandra's overconfidence and personality annoyed many of the girls at casting week, and her mean nature soon came out; for example, when she told Nijah Harris to "shut your mouth" because Nijah asked her if she was done using the mirror and she also started an argument with Angelea Preston when she pushed her out of her way, which greatly effected Angelea's photoshoot performance. Sandra was the 13th and final girl called into the house and she meanly bumped into Angelea as an act of revenge.

Sandra was in the bottom two in the first week with Isabella Falk, due to her pitiful (and funny) runway walk, where she only walked half way down the runway, posed for 2 seconds and then walked back (ironically, she commented that she thought the other girls' walks were nothing compared to hers) and her bad photo. But she was spared for having a stronger presence in front of the judges. During her time in the cycle, she clashed with almost every single girl, calling them "stupid" or telling them to "not go there with me!" and also saying "that they could never be models".

Nyanchoka earnt 1 first call-out and appeared in the bottom 2 three times. She was sent home for unable to take a strong front facial shot, with almost all her photos in her portfolio being profile shots.

After America's Next Top Model

Sandra was signed with Major Model Management in New York, but she is now no longer in the business.