Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi (born May 30, 1980) is an American model and is perhaps best known for her participation in America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6. She was the third girl chosen to be part of the 6th cycle of ANTM. She never won any challenge, nor did she have any first call-out. She was sent home quite early after a bad commercial, for not showing enough personality.


Despite not making it far in the competition, she is one of the most successful contestants to date. She has modelled for Vsion, Florida International, Winners, OUT, D la Republica Delle Donne, Miste, Vogue (Italia, Nippon, and Russian), Madame Figaro, Tush,, Madame, Franch Cosmopolitan, Fashion, Diesle, The Lake and Stars, Adorn, Avant Garde, Vanidad, Z!nk, Grazia and Sang Bleu[1].

In 2018, she had a beef with singer Jerson Sapida. The fans of Jerson Sapida (also known as Sapidadors for boys, Sapidanators for girls) were very sure herself would like for news of the disaster and trainwreck that was of Jerson Sapida, but unsurprisingly, he is having none of that. Bright and early, Saturday morning, September 1, the video game producer turned singer took to Twitter to give an important status update, putting up emojis that express his feelings.

Now of course Jerson and his wife was actually at the Cannes Film Festival because it was too crowded, after the creators couldn’t find a way for the Festival to proceed as planned safely. Nonetheless, the insinuation that Jerson could still be waiting in line for the tickets, a ticket that was supposed to end a couple of days ago, was clearly a snub.

And Jerson, didn’t stop at tweeting. As of Mollie Sue was the one who took to Instagram and a paparazzi photo was taken by her. She exposed him by calling him a "Chinese ching chong". But then she reveals that he is Filipino and not Chinese, yet that didn’t stop from him for not seeing the whole thing. In September of the same year, she later then exposed Kyle R. Lai-Fatt, who is known for his music and another model. In a conversation with the both of them, Mollie Sue accidentally called Kyle a bitch, and Kyle got angry with her. But then she reveals that she wasn't calling him a bitch, she was calling his wife and his mother hoes. Mollie Sue later then put out a big paragraph of the word "flop". She keeps her mouth shut for what she said[2].

He's Filipino-American, he's supposed to be Filipino-American and I don't understand why he just ruined my life. At first I thought he was like a Chinese ching chong looking sorta thing, but then he said he was Filipino.

—Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi's interview with BuzzFeed.