Liz Williams

Lyzbeth "Liz" Williams is a mixed-race American fashion model. She came in 6th place on Cycle 15 of America's Next Top Model.

Cycle 15

Liz was the seventh girl chosen to enter the Top Model house. Her edgy and androgynous look made her a stand out amongst the girls in the house, as well as her loud personality. Additionally, Liz is a single-mother, to her young daughter. Liz impressed in the first week, earning sixth call-out, but was one of the many girls who did not impress the next week. After the girls participated in a underwater beauty shot photoshoot, Liz landed in the bottom two for her constant complaining. However, she had proved she was more versatile than Rhianna Atwood (who was in the bottom two with her), so she was saved. Liz failed to impress the judges in the sixth episode, but did not land in the bottom two. However, Liz redeemed herself in the next photoshoot with her excellent portrayal of the designer, John Galliano, earning herself a first call-out. Additionally, Liz failed to impress the next week, but not taking the commercial that they were filming seriously. Liz made it overseas to Italy, but was sent home first for her unfashionable, raunchy picture and her constant complaining.

After America's Next Top Model

Liz has taken a variety of test shots, but nevertheless is not signed with any agency.

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