Kendal Brown

Kendal Shayne Brown is an African-American fashion model, who came in 8th place on the fifteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model.

Cycle 15

Kendal was scouted to be at casting week through an online application video, and of course was chosen. Kendal's modelesque features guarenteed her a place in the competition, with her being the 2nd girl chosen to be one of the final 14. However, Kendal's pictures were often lackluster and lifeless, with her landing in the bottom two with Esther Petrack as a result, and subsequently being eliminated. However, Banks said to Brown before her departure that she said: “Kendal, you said that you need more experience. You know that these girls are a lot more ahead when it comes to their abilities. What you need is somebody in your home town that can say, “Kendal, NO! Give me energy in tha face!” And you ask them, “Take pictures of me. Make me get out of this shell. Make me push through.” Do you have anybody like that in your home? Your sisters. Can you tell your sisters, “I need you to take pictures of me.” Have your sisters be hard on you.”

After America's Next Top Model

Kendal decided to go back to school, and she is working towards a degree. She has stated that when she graduates, she plans to pursue her modelling dream.

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