America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Allstars is the 18 cycle created by Ryan Griffin

Episode Summaires

Welcome Top Glamour Pads

  • First Call Outs:Erin Wagner & Rae Weisz
  • Bottom Two:Kyle Gober & Brittany Markert
  • Eliminated:Brittany Markert

Somewhere Under The Rainbow?

  • First Call out:Ashley Brown
  • Bottom Two:Mariah Watchman & Rae Weisz
  • Eliminated:Rae Weisz
  • Featured Photographer: Kelly Cutrone
  • Special Guest's: Jane Randall

Reflected Beauty

  • First Call out:Mikeala Scoppi
  • Bottom three:Kyle Gober,Brittany Brown & Erin Wagner
  • Eliminated:Kyle Gober & Erin Wagner
  • Featured Photographer: Tyra Banks
  • Special Guests:Aryn, Aloree and Nicki Minaj

Greese Hear We Come!

  • First Call out:Alexandria Everett
  • Bottom Two:Ashley Brown & Mariah Watchman
  • Eliminated:Mariah Watchman
  • Special Guests: Tasha Smith

Perfect Paparazzi

  • First Call out:Alexandria Everett
  • Bottom Two:Ashley Brown & Jessica Serfty
  • Eliminated:Jessica Serfty

The Christmas Nightmare ?

  • First Call out:Alexandria Everett
  • Bottom Two:Mikeala Scoopi & Ashley Brown
  • Eliminated:Ashley Brown

Runway Runway Runway! Part 1

  • First Call out:Alexandria Everett
  • Bottom Two:Mikeala Scoopi & Brittany Brown
  • Eliminated:Brittany Brown
  • Special Guests: None
  • Featured Photographer: Ryan Griffin

Runway Runway Runway! Part 2

  • Final Two:Mikeala Scoopi & Alecandria Everett
  • Sims Next Top Model:Alexandria Everett
  • Special Guest: Jay Manuel, Jay Alexander


Contestant Cycle Rank Last Cycle Rank Episode Eliminated
Brittany M. 13 6th 10th Epsiode 2
Rae W. 13 7th 9th Episode 3
Kyle G. 18 8th 8th Episode 4
Erin W. 13 4th/3rd 7th Episode 4
Mariah W. 18 13th 6th Episode 5
Jessica S. 14 5th 5th Episode 7
Ashley B. 18 10th 4th Episode 8
Brittany B. 19 6th 3rd Episode 9
Mikaela S. 16 7th 2nd Episode 10
Alexandria E. 16 4th Winner None

Call Out Order

Order Episodes 5-9 Greese
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Erin Ashley Mikeala Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria
2 Rae Erin Alexandria Mikeala Mikeala Brittany Mikeala Mikeala
3 Brittany Alexandria Ashley Brittany Brittany Mikeala Brittany
4 Ashley Mikela Mariah Jessica Ashley Ashley
5 Mikela Brittany Jessica Ashley Jessica
6 Jessica Kyle Brittany Mariah
7 Mariah Jessica Kyle
8 Alexandria Mariah Erin
9 Kyle Rae
10 Brittany M.



Red Team
Green Team
The Contestant Is Eliminated
Purple Team

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