Claire Unabia
Claire-Aimee Unabia
, better known as Claire Unabia is an American model and video director[1]. She finished 8th in Cycle 10.

Personal life

Unabia has stated that she was born in Hawaii but now lives in New-York[2]. She is married and has a young daughter. She is actually Half Filipino (Father Dave Dungan & Mother Leila Andico) and she is fluent speaker of the Filipino Language after being left behind when her parents returned to America. Unabia has 2 brothers Ryan & Corey, and a half sister Corinne. She hopes to be reunited with fathers side of the family in upcoming years. In the meantime she is very happy with her current life and her husband Matt who is Japanese and Caucasian and also from Hawaii.

Cycle 10

Claire was the 8th girl selected by Tyra Banks to take part in the competition. During her audition she revealed that she pumped and drank her breast milk in order to still be able to breast-feed after the competition. In an interview she stated she shipped some over to her husband[3]. She was given almost-shaven blond hair as her makeover, due to the fact that she had shaven one side of her head. She was one of the early front runners, despite never having been called first and won three challenges. She was the 7th girl to be sent home, as the judges felt she was only one note, during her second bottom two appearance[2]. She has totalled the fifth amount of CoverGirl of the Week titles (5), behind Naima Mora (10), Heather Kuzmich (9), Erika "Nik" Pace (7) and Eva Marcille, tied with Caridee English.


Unabia has been featured on the 500th episode of the Tyra Banks Show, where she planted a tree to celebrate along with the last two winners (at the time) Jaslene Gonzalez and Saleisha Stowers[4]. She has been in Stork Magazine[5], Glamour UK No. 84[5] and the June 2008 issue of [[Seventeen Magazine magazine[5] and graced the cover of Islands Weddings & Honeymoons, Spring/Summer 2002[5]. She also attended the party held by Seventeen magazine to celebrate Whitney Thompson's win, back to her black hairdo, along with fellow alums Lauren Utter, Atalya Slater, Katarzyna Dolinska, Anya Kop and Fatima Siad and hugged the winner as soon as she found out. She has also been in several photoshoots since the show for various photographers, including Shiloh Crawford. She has also appeared on Runway Moms, Season 2 [6], sparking a little controversy over her eligibility for ANTM, which was shut down since it is not a national advertising campaign.


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