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 Avant Garde
Cycle 23, Episode 5
2305 Final 11
Air Date: January 9, 2017
Viewers: 1.13 million
Recaps: Search Google
Major Key Alert
Out for the Count

"Avant Garde" is the fifth episode of Cycle 23 of America's Next Top Model. It is scheduled to air on January 9, 2017.


Law Roach discusses the importance of personal style; Nicola Formichetti takes the models out of their comfort zones.[1]


The girls were instructed to dress themselves in a way that would represent their personal style. The person who Law thought conveyed their style the best would receive a full collection of shoes from Zendaya's shoe line "Daya".
Winner: Tatiana


Theme: Avant Garde
Featured Photographer: Jack Waterlot

Call-Out Order

  1. Cory Anne Roberts (Best Photo)
  2. Cody Wells
  3. India Gants
  4. Tatiana Price
  5. Courtney Nelson
  6. Binta Dibba
  7. Paige Mobley
  8. Marissa Hopkins
  9. Krislian Rodriguez
  10. Kyle McCoy

Eliminated: Giah Hardeman (11th)

Other Information

  • When it came down to the bottom three, Rita announced that she felt as if the judges had made the wrong choice with who they had chosen to send home. However, the other judges insisted that majority rules and to stick to the decision.
  • When calling Krislian, Rita stated that calling her name was hard for her as she felt as if she wasn't taking the competition as seriously as the other girls.


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