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Anya Rozova, also known as Anya Kop (born January 3, 1989 in Saint Petersburg, Russia,[1] but raised in Waipahu, Hawaii), is an American fashion model. Anya was the runner-up on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

Personal life

She attended Waipahu High School[1][2] in Hawaii She states in an she was now as poo

rview that she will be changing her name to Anya Rozova where Rozova is her Russian surname.[3]


Anya was the 13th girl selected to compete in Cycle 10. In the competiton she got 5 first call-outs (a record she co-holds with Joanie Dodds) and 3 challenge wins. She was constantly criticized for her strong accent and lost out to Whitney Thompson.


Anya was recently on the cover for "Swim In Style 2008" from MidWeek Newspaper, a local newspaper in Hawaii.[4] The images were taken by local fashion photographer Russell Tanoue. Anya attended a CW Upfront party and at the American Image Awards 2008, in New York City along with Fatima Siad and Whitney Thompson.[5][6]


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