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g   Allison Harvard
Allison Harvard CoverGirl
Gender: Female
Born: January 8, 1988
Age: 30
Home: New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation: Model
Affiliations: NEXT Model Management
Elite Model Management
Height: 5' 10"
Friends and Family
Parents: unnamed mother
unnamed father
Siblings: unnamed sister
Cycle 12
Place: 2nd
Debut: What Happens in Vegas
Eliminated: America's Next Top Model Is...
Last: America's Next Top Model Is...
Cycle 17
Place: 2nd
Debut: Nicki Minaj
Eliminated: All-Star Finale
Last: All-Star Finale

Allison Harvard (born January 8, 1988) is best known as one of the contestants of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 12 and America's Next Top Model, Cycle 17: All-Stars

Myspace and Deviantart

Allison Harvard is an American painter and photographer who gained popularity on Myspace and DeviantArt in 2005 because of her stylized paranormal and glam/grunge photo self-portraits[1]. They resemble Daveigh Chase in "The Ring", Mischa Barton in "The Sixth Sense", and Courtney Love's baby-doll dress and tiara grunge period. Harvard's signature look was heavy eye makeup, wide-eyed stare, and troubled expressions reminiscent of Cindy Sherman's Film Stills[2].

In 2007, 4chan's imageboard "/b/" (widely known as a cesspool of offensive material including racist and discriminating jokes, gore, and pornographic images), re-posted Harvard's stylized photo self-portraits as demotivationals, calling her "Creepy-Chan", which became a somewhat popular internet meme. However, it later became apparent that "Creepy-chan" was not always considered creepy, so her dual personality, "Cute-Chan", was born[3]. "Cute-Chan" does not wear heavy eye makeup or pink dresses while standing hunched over on coffee tables staring wide-eyed into the camera (as "Creepy-Chan" does); rather, she wears normal clothes and goes about her everyday business in a decidedly cute fashion[4]

Individuals identifying themselves as "Anonymous" (AKA "Anon", a pseudonym/username made popular on 4chan and other meme associated websites), noted the difference between her candid and stylized pictures and publicly wondered if Harvard was a model. By late 2008, Encyclopedia Dramatica (a satirical open wiki that uses MediaWiki software and documents Internet drama, culture, and memes) added Harvard to its "chan" list, calling her a "non-selfposting cam girl."

Harvard no longer regularly maintains an internet presence.

(P.S. For all who would like to know, please someone put up her account!)

(Its, but she has since uploaded her pictures and whatnot to


Contemporaneously, Harvard was equally well known as a painter. Harvard's paintings recall Marilyn Manson's and Francesco Clemente's watercolors. Harvard illustrated the children's fairytale book 'The Story Told at Night', written by Liza Kuznetsova and published in 2007[5]. Harvard describes her style of art as "surreal. psychedelic. genuine"[6].

America's Next Top Model

In 2009, Harvard was revealed as a contestant on Cycle 12 which will premiere on March 4. She was a runner-up to Teyona Andersen, and then she appeared again in cycle 17.

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